Feature Release: Upcoming Events Widget

Feature Release: Upcoming Events Widget

We’ve been working hard to improve the Scheduling feature on Jersey Watch since we released it a couple months ago. There have been a handful of small improvements recently, but today we’re releasing a new feature called the Upcoming Events Widget that will help website visitors find the most relevant information about your organization on the Homepage of your website.

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What is the Upcoming Events Widget?

The Upcoming Events Widget is a section we’ve added to the Homepage (it’s right below the Slideshow on Desktop, and right underneath Announcements on mobile). The Widget will always show the next 10 events you’ve added to Schedule pages in your account. It will show events from any Schedule page, so visitors get a glimpse at everything that is about to happen at your organization.

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The Widget appears right below your slideshow on a desktop or tablet, and below your Announcements on mobile.

The Widget will automatically scroll through the events every few seconds, and there’s a friendly link in the Widget to “See More Events…” which will link directly to www.example.com/events/upcoming so visitors can view all of your Upcoming Events in a list.

How will it help administrators and coaches?

Less work for you! The Upcoming Events Widget allows organizations to always have the most important events listed on the Homepage of the website, without having to login to the website or make any changes. Just post your schedules at the beginning of the season, and the Upcoming Events Widget will automatically update every day to show only events in the future.

How will it help parents and other website visitors?

A bulk of your website visitors are probably the parents of the players. Parents want to know when and where to be. And they want to be able to find that information quickly. The Upcoming Events Widget is a place website visitors can use to quickly find out what’s coming next at your organization without having to search around on the website.

What if I haven’t used Scheduling in Jersey Watch yet?

If you haven’t used the Jersey Watch Scheduling feature yet, for now your Widget will say “No Upcoming Events”.

You might want to try adding a few big events that happen at your organization, like Opening Day, Registration, Monthly Board meetings. That way your Upcoming Events Widget isn’t empty. Here is a quick overview on how to use the Scheduling feature.

If you already have Schedules in Excel, or some other form, we would be happy to Import them into the Scheduling tool for you. Feel free to send them our way!

Or, if you have a Scheduling solution in place already just send us a message at help@jerseywatch.com and we can turn off the Widget on your Homepage. In the future you’ll be able to turn the Widget on and off in your account as needed.

Have requests?

Have questions or suggestions about the Upcoming Events Widget? Or, have another idea for improvements on Jersey Watch? Send us a message at help@jerseywatch.com.

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