Feature Release: Communication Hub

Feature Release: Communication Hub

One of our main goals at Jersey Watch is to help sports organizations effectively communicate with parents, coaches, and supporters of their leagues and teams. Simple and flexible text and email communication that allows volunteers to reach the correct parents with a few quick steps is critical leading up to the season, during the season, and in the offseason.

Today we’re releasing a new email and text Communication feature that will be a major improvement over our previous Announcements system. Below you can preview the feature, and learn more about what we’ll be adding to the feature in the coming months.

What is the Communication Hub?

The Communication Hub is a feature that allows volunteers and coaches to send email and text messages to parents, coaches, and supporters of your sports organization. Messages can be sent to specific groups using “Tags” in the sytem. You can send messages by text message, email, or both.

youth sports notification center

How will it help administrators and coaches?

Posting information on your website and updating your social media work great for less urgent information, but important information needs to reach parents and coaches directly. Text message is the quickest and easiest way to reach a large group of people quickly, and email can be an effective way to reach an audience with a message that needs to be received within 24 hours.

To help with Communication, we’ve built a Contact Manager to manage, edit, and create all of the contact information for parents and coaches. Easily search by name for contacts to add tags and edit as needed.

contact manager

It’s easy to search and edit contacts to attach each person to the correct tag.

Before sending a message, the feature will tell you how many messages are being sent, and the amount of messages you have remaining each month. We’ve designed the Communication system to work well from any device, so you can send messages from a phone or tablet if you’re on the go.

message sending

You’ll always know how many messages you have remaining each month, and can send messages by text message only, email only, or both.

The system automatically creates Contacts when individuals register online for your programs and attaches them to the appropriate tags. You can also import lists of contact information from previous seasons, or contact information that you’ve collected in person.

How will it help parents and other website visitors?

Parents are busy, and they expect sports organizations to communicate effectively. They don’t want to show up at the wrong place at the wrong time, and they don’t want to have to go searching for information. The new feature allows you to easily target specific groups of parents, so that parents only receive the messages they need directly on thier phone.

Parents also have the ability to easily Unsubscribe if they’re no longer involved with your organization. 

What is coming next in the Communication Hub?

We’ll be working on the Communication feature a lot in the coming months. Here are a few additions you can expect that will continue to make communication even easier:

Manage Users Page – Soon you’ll be able to view a list of the other Administrators at your organization, as well as their most recent login date, their total logins, and the amount of messages they’ve sent.

Sub-Accounts – We want Communication to be easy for everyone, not just the main administrators on the website. But we also want to make sure that editing the website and private information is kept to only the correct people. That’s why we’ll be adding the ability for you to invite other volunteers (like coaches or sport commissioners) to communicate with specific lists of people, but not access the entire website.

Have questions or requests?

Have questions or suggestions about the Communication feature? Or, have another idea for improvements on Jersey Watch? Send us a message at help@jerseywatch.com.

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