Feature Release: Announcement Comments

Tim Gusweiler on Dec 22, 2016 in Technology Update
Feature Release: Announcement Comments

Big news just in time for the Holidays! This week you’ll notice a new feature on Jersey Watch that allows visitors to comment on new Announcements that you post. 

What are Announcement Comments?

Now when you post an Announcement you’ll have the option to allow people to comment with questions, feedback, and more.

For example, if you need to know how many people can make it to an optional training session, you can send the Announcement by text message and mention at the end “Please leave a comment below if you would like to attend!”

comment overview

Comments can easily be posted from a phone, tablet, or desktop.

Each time a comment is posted, you’ll be notified via email so you can respond if necessary. You can also turn off email notifications for an Announcement if you’d like.

How does it work?

After you post an Announcement, visitors to your website will be able to post a Comment in the section below. Administrators can reply to comments easily, and visitors to your website can subscribe to notifications on that topic by clicking the “Notify me when someone replies” checkbox.

games cancelled

Visitors will need to create an account in order to post an Announcement if they don’t already have an account. Visitors will just be able to post comments, they won’t be able to access other areas of the website. If they’ve already created an account on your website to register they can use that same account to post comments.

As an administrator of the website, you’ll be able to hide comments that visitors make if necessary. Just click the little eyeball button next to their comment.

Why has this been added?

We’ve been working to make communication between administrators, coaches, parents, and fans as smooth as possible. Along the way, we’ve received a lot of requests to allow visitors to ask questions and interact with the website.

We think Announcement Comments will be a good step to start allowing visitors to ask for more information, or provide helpful information to other parents. In the long run, the purpose of Announcement Comments is to save time for administrators and help parents find and share important information.

“But I don’t want people to be able to post comments!” Don’t worry…

Enabling comments on an Announcement is optional, so if there is an Announcement that you’d rather not have comments or feedback, you can uncheck the “Allow Comments” box as you post the Announcement.

Here’s how you’ll decide whether or not you want to allow comments on a new Announcement…

comments toggle

What’s next?

Over the next few months we’ll be working on making Jersey Watch much more interactive for parents and coaches who don’t administer the website. We want to help make your website a “Community” for parents, coaches, and fans.

Of course, if you’re the administrator of a website you’ll have the ability to remove unwanted content, or disallow visitors to contribute information.

Other potential benefits of the community could allow parents to organize carpools, distribute hand-me-down equipment, or post photos of recent games and events.

Have requests?

Have questions or suggestions about the new comments feature? Or, have another idea for a new feature? Send us a message at help@jerseywatch.com.

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