Communicating with Parents & Coaches

Communicating with Parents & Coaches

Keeping everyone at your organization on the same page can be a tough task. We’ve put together a few ways that can make your life as an administrator easier, and ensure that coaches and parents are up to date.

1. Find one social media channel and stick to it.

You’re busy – and maintaining several different social media accounts for your sports organization can be time consuming.

A lot of organizations have success finding one channel, typically Facebook or Twitter, and sticking to it. You can even embed your Facebook or Twitter account on your website so that each time you update your social media account the website also gets updated.

2. Use a sharable Calendar.

Sharable Calendars allow your organization’s Calendar to be easily updated and posted on your website. Board members, coaches, and parents can subscribe to the calendar to get updates each time an event time, date, or location changes.

At Jersey Watch, we recommend Google Calendar (if you have Gmail, you’re already signed up), but other options are availalble like iCal, Yahoo Calendar, and others.

3. Build your email list.

There are many free or cheap email tools you can use to communicate game updates, newsletters, etc (Our favorite is MailChimp, and it allows you to have up to 2,000 subscribers for free. Other options include Constant Contact and ReachMail).

MailChimp and others can also send automated or scheduled emails and will save you time. Online registration forms from your players can easily be imported to email systems so that you don’t have to spend time manually entering email addresses one by one.

Mass Email Success!

4. Use your website as the “hub” for communication.

Not every parent, coach, and community member is going to follow you on social media. Some people won’t subscribe to your Calendar. Not everyone will read your emails. But everyone can visit your website. Making consistent updates with relevant content will bring traffic to your website, and make their lives easier.

Make sure everyone knows that up to date information will be on your website, and there are no excuses for being out of the loop.

Have you been using other tools and your organization to communicate? Need ideas to communicate better or improve your website?

Send me a message at, I’d like to learn more.

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