A few changes on Jersey Watch

A few changes on Jersey Watch

We’re working every day to make Jersey Watch more useful for sports organizations. Read on for a few updates that are being released today.

On your website…

Social Media feeds have been moved to the left side of the Homepage. Now you’re able to display your Facebook, Twitter, and Jersey Watch News feed on the same page.

The News & Announcements section on your homepage is much cleaner, highlighting important information. More posts can now be displayed so visitors can get to useful information quickly.

example website

Social media feeds are now embedded on the left side of your homepage. The News & Announcements section has been restyled to highlight useful information and allow for more messages to be displayed.

We also added a “Register Now” button to your mobile site. If you’re using online registration parents can now register and pay from a mobile phone.

new mobile

Parents, register and pay from a phone!

On the Dashboard…

Added “Post News Announcement” to the Dashboard page. Saves you a few steps so you can make an announcement quickly. You’re also able to login from a mobile phone and post a News Announcement on the go.

We’ve also broken the Dashboard into categories for easier access. The “My Page” section includes tools that are used on a day-to-day basis and the “Settings” section includes the sections of your site that are changed every so often.

new dashboard

You can post and edit News Announcements quicker and have easier access to everyday tools.

Any questions on the recent changes? New features or improvements that you’d like to see? Add a comment below or send us a message at support@jerseywatch.com.

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