5 ways to simplify online registration for sports leagues

5 ways to simplify online registration for sports leagues

About a year ago we published a blog post with Four Tips to simplify your registration process. We’ve learned a few new tricks since then so we wanted to update our post.

A major challenge for many organizations and participants is registering and paying to play. Here’s a few key tips we’ve noticed working well for leagues, teams, and tournaments.

1. Keep your fees simple – Keeping your pricing simple causes less confusion and results in fewer mistakes. Thinking of offering different prices for each age group, or discounts for this or that? We suggest reducing the number of complicated fees, and charging a flat fee for each player. It makes the lives of board members and coaches easier and reduces confusion for parents.

2. Collect only the important information about players – We notice a lot of leagues use complicated forms that take parents too much time to complete. Do you really need to know each player’s grandmother’s cell phone number? Or could you get by with only the most important contact information? The more information you collect, the more likely you are to get parents rushing through the form and giving you inaccurate information about the player. Collecting only important information will save time and ensure you get reliable answers.

3. Allow one payment option – The more options you give the participants, the more work you’ll wind up creating for yourself. If you have a smaller team or organization it may be easiest to just collect cash or checks from participants. But, if you have a larger organization we recommend giving parents one option to pay. Sure, you’ll have a few parents that make a special request to pay with a different method, but a vast majority will be fine paying with whichever method is easiest for your organization and you’ll save yourself loads of paperwork and trips to the bank.

4. Open Registration Early – Early reganizations give you a good feel for the amount of of players that will be playing next season so you can plan in advance. If you want more players to participate, the earlier you open registration the better.

5. Use Text Messaging and Email to announce registraiton when registration opens and send receipts – Sending out an email to last season’s participants is a great way to get parents started with registration. Try an email and text message reminder every few weeks during registration to make sure parents know it’s time to register. Once registration wraps up, you can use text and email to let everyone know the date of first practice, tryouts, or any other important announcements.

Regardless of the needs of your sports organization, we’re confident you can find an online payment solution that can help your registration process run more smoothly.

What have you been doing to make online registration simpler for everyone involved? Send us a message at hello@jerseywatch.com – we’d love to add to our list.

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