5 Project Management Tools Healthcare Marketers Need to Try

5 Project Management Tools Healthcare Marketers Need to Try

Managing your healthcare marketing campaigns takes a lot of effort. You’re not only working to understand how to reach core demographics like millennials who are tuning out traditional methods of marketing and advertising, you’re also trying to understand and effectively use new marketing technology that’s supposed to help you save time and get better results.

You know all the challenges that go into a well-executed integrated campaign, and efficiently managing deadlines and project tasks is usually the key to success. Managing deadlines and project tasks is incredibly draining without the right tools, but finding the the best tools for your team’s needs can be difficult with so many options out there. There are many powerful project management technologies designed to help you manage your healthcare campaigns and stay on track with your annual plan, and we have identified and highlighted 5 that are worth a try as you seek to take your healthcare marketing strategy to the next level.  


Managing even one marketing campaign for one season or event requires a large amount of communication. Between your internal team and your external teams, you’re coordinating tasks and deliverables with designers, developers, agency partners, interns and writers to name just a few. Consolidating all of this communication into one place that allows you to centralize all aspects of your project communication, create to-do lists, manage files, dates and a project calendar is where Basecamp excels.

This tried and true project management software is one of the best options for getting up and running quickly for  healthcare marketers. It only takes a few minutes to set up, and Basecamp offers several low-cost options to get started. . We think one of the best features is the powerful calendar tool, which allows you to save future deadline and project notes., It’s a lifesaver as you juggle different campaigns, but there are a lot of great features that make managing and organizing your team and your projects much easierBasecamp is one of the most user-friendly tools available. Their how-to “Basecamp basics” videos are short, to the point and a nice change from typical how-to articles. Basecamp is worth a try for any healthcare marketer who is looking to increase collaboration and work out of one dashboard.


If you are looking for a project management tool that boasts more marketing horsepower than a light-weight options, Wrike is worth a look. It is very flexible and provides features that are directly built for marketing teams and creative projects. But that flexibility requires you to put some thought into your project management process before jumping into using the system. Without a solid process in place, you may not get all the benefits truly flexible systems provide. Wrike offers a ton of how-to articles and videos to get you up to speed though. With Wrike, you can  manage your healthcare projects, design needs and easily drill-down into specific project-level tasks. A huge bonus are the  unique features like time-tracking, workflow visualizations and customizable dashboards and reports. While a more expensive and robust option, Wrike is a solid choice for improving your marketing project management, especially if you’re managing multiple teams that handle various projects.


Trello is a project management app for healthcare marketers (or any marketers) who like to visualize their work and workflows in a different way. It is designed around boards, cards and lists that effectively help users to group project discussions, assign tasks and keep the whole team aligned on current work. The visual aspect allows you to see the agile and flexible nature of marketing campaigns. Trello also boasts an easy interface that allows team members to post comments and attachments to any aspect of a project. The Trello mobile app also provides the on-the-go flexibility that you need to stay in sync with your marketing projects and deadlines. While Trello isn’t as flexible or come with as many features as Wrike or Basecamp, this is a great project management app to help marketers get started with project management because it’s easy to use and highly visual.

Teamwork Projects

On quick glance, you might see Teamwork Projects as the “Basecamp Alternative” as Teamwork Projects is built to offer more features than Basecamp at a cheaper price level. Teamwork Projects is another powerful project management option for healthcare marketers in it’s own right. Its core features allow users to manage project milestones, task lists and team messages; plus teams can edit documents, easily share files and manage project time tracking Teamwork Projects also integrates with other apps you use on a daily basis, or could use, like Google Drive, Dropbox, HubSpot, Microsoft Office, Harvest and many more. There is no cap to adding users, and Teamwork Projects boasts a powerful mobile app and cross-device functionality.


While not exactly a traditional project management tool, we can’t imagine efficient team communication without Slack. Slack has changed the game with team collaboration. Its sleek user interface and simple design, allow for fast, flexible team communication that will delight, rather than drain. Its features include team direct messaging, file drag & drop, and project channel management. Slack recently introduced a new calling feature which will allow you to conduct voice or video calls with a few clicks. Another powerful aspect to Slack is how easily it integrates with other software like Google Docs, Mailchimp and Dropbox.  We recommend you give Slack a try to power internal team communication because  it will cut down on sloppy email chains and bring more joy to team collaboration.

The Best Project Management System for Your Healthcare Marketing Team

There certainly are other powerful project management tools in the market, but these 5 project management products would each be an impactful addition to any healthcare marketers workflow and toolset. When it comes to picking the right solution, personal preference is often a subjective call, and we suggest you research your options and give each a try to see what works best for you and your team. This article “Online Collaboration Tools: Slack vs Basecamp vs Trello vs Asana vs Teamwork vs Wrike & More!” from We Rock Your Web lays out the pros and cons, and will help you get a better idea of what you’re looking for in a project management system. We’re confident you will find one that will meet your team and project needs, and help improve your healthcare project management.

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