4 Tips for a Simple Player Registration Process

4 Tips for a Simple Player Registration Process

Quick story – I remember the olden days my mom would drive me down to City Hall and we’d wait in line and fill out paperwork to register for baseball each year. It took about an hour, and from what I recall, it wasn’t an enjoyable afternoon for the parents, baseball coaches, or players.

New technology has made the lives of parents and administrators less stressful, but collecting registration fees and player information can still be challenging. We’re learning a lot from working on websites with sports organizations, so we put together a list of tips we think can improve your player registration process:

1. Charge straightforward fees. Keeping your pricing simple causes less confusion and results in fewer mistakes. Thinking of offering different prices for each age group, or discounts for this or that? We suggest reducing it the complicated fees, and charging a flat fee for each player.

2. Collect only the important information about players. We notice a lot of leagues use complicated forms that take parents too much time to complete. Do you really need to know each player’s grandmother’s cell phone number? Or could you get by with only the most important contact information? The more information you collect, the more likely you are to get parents rushing through the form and giving you inaccurate information about the player. Collecting only important information will save time and ensure you get reliable answers.

3. Get started early. This winter we noticed football and cheerleading programs having success starting registration 9-months before the 2015 season begins. This has provided plenty of time get the word out and answer questions from parents.

Early reganizations also give you a good feel for the amount of of players that will be playing next season so you can plan in advance. If you want more players to participate, the earlier you open registration the better.

4. Collect payments online. We run into a lot of leagues that spend hours collecting cash and checks from parents and depositing fees in their bank account. Accepting credit cards eliminates the stress of collecting cash and checks, and gives parents a flexible and easy way to pay fees from home at any time of the day.

Collecting payments online continues to become cheaper and easier with options like PayPal, Stripe, and Square.

Many organizations require that reach player register and pay online, which seems to ease the process for everyone involved. Regardless of the needs of your sports organization we’re confident you can find an online payment solution that can help your registration process run more smoothly.

Do you have other ideas that have helped your registration process? Or are you buried in registration paperwork? Send me an email at tim@jerseywatch.com.

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