3 Tips to get ready for the 2018 soccer season

The Jersey Watch Team on Nov 21, 2017 in Soccer
3 Tips to get ready for the 2018 soccer season

Running a soccer program can be a year round job. Whether your teams play in the spring, fall, or both, it’s important to keep momentum going throughout the year to keep participation rates high.

Now that the fall season is winding down for most soccer programs, we thought we’d send a few ideas to try between now and the end of the year to set your club up for success in 2018.

Recruit new coaches & share 2018 coaching tips with current coaches

A solid group of coaches can make or break a youth soccer program. Whether your coaches are volunteer parents, high school & college students, or part-time employees, make sure you’re offering new and exciting opportunities for coaches to get involved in 2018.

You should also be collecting feedback from your existing coaches to make sure they’re excited to come back for 2018. Call a quick meeting to collect feedback (offer donuts, adult beverages, etc. to encourage attendance) or just send an online survey. Maybe coaches think you practice too much, or too little. Maybe they’d like to switch to a different age group.

There’s also plenty of content on the interwebs each week with youth soccer coaching news and tips. Sending out quick updates to your coaches with helpful information can keep them excited during the winter months. Here are a few examples from November:

Opinions vary on how to develop a better American soccer player

97% of female C-suite executives participated in sports as teenagers

Alexei Lalas: The American Soccer Community is knowledgable, discerning, passionate, and committed

Offer Apparel options for the Holiday Season

Black Friday is coming! Parents are getting ready for the Holidays, so make sure they’re able to purchase apparel quickly and easily.

It’s super easy to set up an online apparel store for your organization, and in many cases organizations are able to raise fundraising dollars without doing much work at all. Online stores can handle all of the printing, shipping, and credit card transactions for you.

Post all of your important dates for Spring 2018

Whether you play in the Fall, the Spring, or both, you probably have a good handle on the important dates for 2018. Make sure parents, coaches, and participants know when to be ready for registration or tryouts, and what the season schedule will look like. This helps keep your soccer program in the back of everyone’s mind during the offseason.

youth soccer scheduling

Posting your important dates on your website or on social media just takes a few minutes and prevents new and existing participants from being confused during the months leading up to the season.

Taking a few quick steps to get your soccer program ready for 2018 can save you a ton of time when the spring comes around, and helps make sure that parents and coaches are informed throughout the year.

What is your soccer program doing to get ready for 2018? Send us a message at help@jerseywatch.com or post a comment below!

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