3 Marketing Myths about Youth Sports Sponsorship

3 Marketing Myths about Youth Sports Sponsorship

If I say “youth sports sponsor” many of us instantly picture an outfield sign or the back of a little league jersey. You might think of a local real estate agent donating to stadium signage or the auto dealer group that wanted to give back by paying for team uniforms. Youth sports sponsorship certainly means different things to different people. (You can learn more what it means to us here)

In today’s marketing world of analytics and tracking, innovative companies and media outlets are building better ways for companies to reach the youth sports audience. It is “blowing-up” the old model entirely. Below are a few companies that have found success in helping brands reach local sports.

Huddle, Inc. delivers brands through a High School ticket program

Storied Rivals provides unmatched local sports content and highlights across Columbus, all supported by local brands

Home Team Marketing builds unique campaigns for companies nationwide to reach High School sports

In our experience of helping brands build local campaigns, we have identified 3 Marking Myths that often plague the minds of marketers and business owners.

kid participants

1. It’s a small niche

Youth sports is massive. Given the nature of the industry, concrete data is hard to find, but it is estimated that over 35 million athletes participate nationwide (some say it is closer to 60 million). ESPN provided some interesting figures on the size and growth across the U.S. At the local level, the power comes from the amount of fans and followers. Nothing says “community” like local sports and millions can’t help but follow passionately.

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2. It’s more trouble than it’s worth

Building marketing campaigns directly with local sports organization often leads to an inefficient relationship. Youth organizations tend to have limited experience with marketing and parent volunteers do not have the time to fully invest in the program. Third party marketing companies (listed 3 above), help solve this headache, and successful marketers are turning to these types of programs for turnkey results and greater coverage in aggregate. Twenty years ago, this myth held merit. Those days are gone, and it has never been easier to reach the youth levels at scale.

Still think it’s too much trouble? Seth Godin has a few thoughts on things that appear More Trouble Than It’s Worth

3. It doesn’t pay

While some companies are looking to donate, I am not talking donations here. These are targeted sports sponsorships, and they should pay. ROI and measurement should be foundational in any marketing effort, and youth sports sponsorship is no exception. Many established brands understand that youth sports does pay, and they are willing to invest significant dollars to build a winning solution. Below are a few that have caught our attention.

Tim Hortons Timbits Minor Sports Program

Schwan’s Cares

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Discover Card & Illinois Swimming

At Jersey Watch, we are always measuring campaign value and ROI for our clients the best we can. Our youth digital network helps in that, because youth sports sponsorships should and can pay.

The future is bright for youth sports sponsorship as an effective tool for local marketers, and I am excited to see brands continue to grow in the industry. Have a unique case example to share or want to learn more about our vision? Send me a note at david@jerseywatch.com.

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