3 Fall Soccer Scheduling Tips

3 Fall Soccer Scheduling Tips

It seems like the spring soccer season just ended, but fall soccer is already kicking off for many organizations. Communicating event, practice, and game schedules to coaches, parents, and fans is one of the biggest challenges for volunteers. There are a lot of moving parts: hundreds of parents to keep informed, dozens of coaches to coordinate, and weather cancellations.

Getting your soccer schedules organized early can get your fall season off on the right foot. We put together three critical tips to make scheduling much easier for everyone involved with your soccer program this fall.

1. Post Game Schedules ASAP

Game schedules are precious possessions for most youth sports parents. Once the game schedules are finalized they can plan their fall weekends, invite grandparents and other spectators to specific games, and schedule trips around off weeks.

Players, parents, and coaches are excited to see who their teams will be playing and where. The earlier you can release the game information, the more excitement you’ll have building around the Fall season. If your teams play in a larger league that controls the scheduling of games, makes sure you’re pushing them to release the game schedule as early as possible. 

2. Avoid using the printer at all costs

Priting hundreds of schedules and relying on coaches and players to distribute the schedules to parents may have been your best option in the past. But, you should no longer need to rely on the printer to coordinate your scheduling. The last thing you want is to have outdated versions of your schedule in the hands of parents after schedule changes have been made.

Instead, use your website or another online scheduling system to create and manage your schedules. Setting the expectaction that all schedules will be posted online, or on the league’s website, will reduce stress for board members and parents during the season.

It’s also easy to share Schedule updates via Facebook or email if they are posted on your website. Parents can bookmark the page for their team or division, and easily access an updated schedule from anywhere.

3. Send Practice Schedules to parents immediately after registration

Even if you feel like you’ve communicated when and where practice will be, some parents will still miss (or ignore) your message. Make sure you’ve posted an expectations for the practice schedule on your website and social media accounts, and send out via email to the parents after registration or tryouts end.

If you know days of the week that teams will be practicing, or the time in the evening that weekday practices will take place, be sure to post them on your website and make parents aware. This is a huge help for the antsy parents who need to coordinate schedules of several children between their work schedules.

It’s ok if your practice schedules won’t be completely finalized until later in the summer. A rough outline of expectations will still be super helpful for the proactive parents.

Need help posting your schedules for the fall season? Or have any additional scheduling ideas that are working well for you? Send us a message at help@jerseywatch.com or post a comment below!

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