• SSC - Solon High School Soccer Team Joint Practice

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  • SSC - Solon High School Soccer Team Joint Practice

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Sep 02, 2013

SSC U11 Team Takes Runner Up at Wadsworth Memorial Soccer Tournament

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SSC U11 Team Takes Runner Up at Wadsworth Memorial Soccer Tournament

Sep 01, 2013

SSC U12 Team Takes Runner Up at Dublin Charity Cup Labor Day Tournament

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SSC U12 Team Takes Runner Up at Dublin Charity Cup Labor Day Tournament

Aug 18, 2013

SSC Players and Families Witness a Battle Between Solon and St. Ignatius at SSC Night Saturday

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SSC Players and Families Witness a Battle Between Solon and St. Ignatius at SSC Night...

Aug 18, 2013

Solon High School Soccer Team and SSC Joint Practice a Big Success

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Solon High School Soccer Team and SSC Joint Practice a Big Success

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Solon Soccer Club competes in the Ohio Travel Soccer League. Click the logo below for league information. Click here for OTSL schedules.


Solon Soccer Club Updates

SSC practice tonight (Wednesday, May 4) at Glenwillow soccer fields has been cancelled. There is a line of storms approaching and the fields are still wet from Sunday. Sorry. We were really hoping to practice tonight.

Amazing isn't it? We have so many warm, dry days in April and then we have a weekend of high 40s and downpours in May. That said, we begin outdoor practices TODAY. 

Spring Practice Schedule:
SSC practices are Monday and Wednesday. U8-U10 practice from 6-7:15. U11-U14 practice from 7:-8:30. (This is different than last week. I keep including the U11s in the first practice, which is incorrect). Monday's practice is at Arthur Road soccer field while Wednesday's is at Glenwillow. Please make sure your son is prepared for a cold wet practice. Today's forecast is only a high of 55 with a chance of showers. Dress warmly!

Weather Updates:
We received several emails this weekend asking if games had been cancelled because of the wet weather.  Each community decides individually if their fields can or cannot be played on because of weather. We checked our fields early on Sunday to make sure they were playable. Some communities did cancel. Look for emails the day of notifying you if your game is cancelled. 

Regarding practice, on wet days (like today) we will be inspecting our practice fields to make sure they are playable in the afternoon. An email will be sent between 4 and 5 with updates on Facebook, SSC website and the RainedOut app to notify you if practice will be cancelled. 

For thunderstorms and lightning, the referee will call a 30 minute delay in games and can cancel them if the storms continue. We will take refuge in Arthur Road or at the Glenwillow pavilion. Please be ready to pick your son up early if weather is bad. 

Soccer Camps
We've received a lot of requests for recommended soccer camps. We'll be sending a list out of one we recommend or know about later this week. 
Have a great week. 

To: All OHTSL Reps and Coaches
From: Howard Klebanow, OHTSL Executive VP
Re: Changes in Rules relative to Heading 
Attached is a current communication send down from US Club relative to the heading lawsuit.
As you may know, a resolution was reached in concussion litigation (filed in August of 2014) against US Soccer Federation, US Youth Soccer, AYSO, US Club Soccer and California Youth Soccer Association. In brief, and as part of the settlement, US Soccer and the member defendants agreed to work towards specific initiatives with respect to concussions. At the February meeting, I advised our community representatives that these changes would occur effective with spring season. After further reviewing the ruling, we will be following the recommendations from the settlement. These recommendations including: 
Modifying substitution rules to allow players who may have suffered a concussion during games to be evaluated without penalty. 

Eliminating heading for:
1) All players age 10 years old and younger, regardless of what age group program they are playing in.
2) All players in U11 programs and younger.
3) Limiting the amount of heading in practice for all players in U12 and U13 programs, no limit on heading in games.

US Soccer also recommends Health Care Professionals (HCP) be on site for major tournaments.

Effective immediately, the Ohio Travel Soccer League has eliminated heading for players and all games and practices at the U-11 program level and below. This directive is to protect players 10 years old and younger regardless of what age group they are playing in. A purposeful header by these players shall result in an indirect free kick awarded to the opponent at the spot of the infraction. If the header is in the box, it will result in an indirect free kick just outside of the box. This mandate is for all OHTSL affiliated activities, including but not limited to, OHTSL affiliated member organization league play and practices. Ohio's rules and regulations relative to coaches and players current Concussion Protocol remains in effect.

Note: The Ohio Travel Soccer League will post and appropriately disseminate any additional changes to rules, policies, guidelines, etc. when determined and as timely as possible.
If you have any questions after reviewing the memo and attachment, please feel free to contact me.
Becky Newby
OHTSL Administrator & Registrar

Indoor practice
Practices times are the following until we go back outdoors in April.
U8-U9 6-7pm
U10-U11 7-8 pm
U12-U14 8-9 pm

All practices are on Tuesday at the Force Richmond Road Location. As a reminder, the boys should wear their gray jerseys at practice. 

Indoor games
The indoor schedule have been finalized on the Force website. 

All Parents Please Sign Up for RainedOut to Receive Texts about Practice & Game Cancellations

In the event of bad weather or any last minute game/practice changes, we are sending text messages to families through Rained Out to alert families. It takes a few minutes to sign up and it's free. Click this link to begin and follow these steps: RainedOut  

1. Enter "Solon Soccer Club" on homepage search
2. Click on the Solon Soccer Club result.
3. Enter your cell phone number and follow directions.
4. You're all set!

All cell phone numbers were deleted from last year's RainedOut account. You will need to set up again this year. Literally takes less than five minutes.

New Player Curriculum and Coaches Manuals

We have many new and exciting additions to the 2014-2015 Solon Soccer Club. In the Summer of 2014, we developed a curriculum for all players and coaching manuals for parent coaches. The curriculum and coaching manual were developed specifically to ensure consistency in training, skills and experience from U8 to U14 players. You can view the Player Curriculum here.

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