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  • SSC - Solon High School Soccer Team Joint Practice

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Sep 02, 2013

SSC U11 Team Takes Runner Up at Wadsworth Memorial Soccer Tournament

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SSC U11 Team Takes Runner Up at Wadsworth Memorial Soccer Tournament

Sep 01, 2013

SSC U12 Team Takes Runner Up at Dublin Charity Cup Labor Day Tournament

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SSC U12 Team Takes Runner Up at Dublin Charity Cup Labor Day Tournament

Aug 18, 2013

SSC Players and Families Witness a Battle Between Solon and St. Ignatius at SSC Night Saturday

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SSC Players and Families Witness a Battle Between Solon and St. Ignatius at SSC Night...

Aug 18, 2013

Solon High School Soccer Team and SSC Joint Practice a Big Success

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Solon High School Soccer Team and SSC Joint Practice a Big Success

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Solon Soccer Club competes in the Ohio Travel Soccer League. Click the logo below for league information. Click here for OTSL schedules.


Solon Soccer Club Updates

SSC Training Notes for the week of November 16:

It looks like we're going to be treated to another un-seasonally warm week. Enjoy the weather and encourage your boys to get outside and work out with the soccer ball. I've been asked a lot recently about what the boys need to work on most to prepare for high school soccer. Practice and working on individual skills is key. My three biggest suggestions are:

1. Develop the "other foot." Work on passing, trapping and shooting with your opposite foot. The only way to do this is to just do it and practice till it feels right. A player who can pass, trap or shoot with both feet is one of the most dangerous players on the field. 
2. Work on foot skills. We can't say it enough but juggling and dribbling are so important. The boys need to know how the ball "feels" when it hits their foot, ankle, knee, head, etc. Practice makes perfect. The best high school players have an unbelievable touch with the ball because they just know how to handle the ball as it hits their body.
3. Receiving the ball and trapping to feet. Players will receive the ball in the air, hard on the ground, bouncing, skipping, slow, fast, etc. The key is being able to trap and settle it at their feet or be able to one touch it back under control. For example, the high school defense works on this for hours with the coaches sending the ball at them in all of the ways I mentioned above. They need to keep the ball in front of them and play the ball back under control. 

Some of these are skills your son will need to work on by themselves. Others you can help them out, but they need to work on these skills constantly. Everyone loves to shoot. That's an important skill too but it can be taught in high school too.
Mastering the skills mentioned about can be the difference between Varsity and JV or making the team or being cut. They are never too young to begin working on these skills. Once they have them, they can begin working on more complicated moves, strategy and skills.

Holiday Shopping!
Just in time for the holiday's Rube Adler has opened their SSC clothing online store. The order deadline is 11/22/15 and orders should be done ASAP to ensure delivery by the holidays:  http://rubeadler.tuosystems.com/stores/solonsoccerclub1516

Thank you to all SSC families who recommended other players to join our U8 and U10 teams. We really appreciate it and we have several new players joining the club. We are still looking for players for these two ages groups. 

Finally, there was a lot of news this week concerning headers and concussions and new mandates for youth players. I attended a league meeting today and we are still waiting for final recommendations to be issued but it looks likely that younger players (U10 and younger) will not be allowed to do headers in practices or games. Final rules are still being discussed including a schedule for implementation which will likely not be till sometime in 2016. 

Regardless of how you feel about the new header rules, concussions are very serious. All of our coaches have been certified in identifying concussions. We encourage you to know the signs: http://ohtsl.com/procedures/file160.pdf.
Have a great week! See you at practice on Tuesday!


Late yesterday a settlement was announced where by headers would be prohibited for soccer players under U10 and would be limited for players U11-U13. 

We are still determining how these new mandates will be implemented and what it means for the club. Here is a story from NBC Today Show: http://www.today.com/video/heading-soccer-balls-banned-for-young-players-563377219723

Please note that all SSC coaches have been certified to identify and monitor head injuries per the Ohio Concussion law that went into affect in April 2013. We strongly recommend that all coaches and parents read the attached Concussion guidelines and information provided by the Ohio Department of Health: http://ohtsl.com/procedures/file160.pdf 

Also parents please read these guidelines with your son so he knows what to look for too.  If coaches (or parents) are concerned about a possible player head injury, the player must see a doctor to be evaluated before they will be allowed to return to play (practice or games). 

As we hear more about how the mandate will be implemented, we will forward information to all coaches, players and parents. More to come.

Indoor practice
Practices times are the following until we go back outdoors in April.
U8-U9 6-7pm
U10-U11 7-8 pm
U12-U14 8-9 pm

All practices are on Tuesday at the Force Richmond Road Location. As a reminder, the boys should wear their gray jerseys at practice. 

Indoor games
The indoor schedule have been finalized on the Force website. 

All Parents Please Sign Up for RainedOut to Receive Texts about Practice & Game Cancellations

In the event of bad weather or any last minute game/practice changes, we are sending text messages to families through Rained Out to alert families. It takes a few minutes to sign up and it's free. Click this link to begin and follow these steps: RainedOut  

1. Enter "Solon Soccer Club" on homepage search
2. Click on the Solon Soccer Club result.
3. Enter your cell phone number and follow directions.
4. You're all set!

All cell phone numbers were deleted from last year's RainedOut account. You will need to set up again this year. Literally takes less than five minutes.

New Player Curriculum and Coaches Manuals

We have many new and exciting additions to the 2014-2015 Solon Soccer Club. In the Summer of 2014, we developed a curriculum for all players and coaching manuals for parent coaches. The curriculum and coaching manual were developed specifically to ensure consistency in training, skills and experience from U8 to U14 players. You can view the Player Curriculum here.

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